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FLNT is a charming, high-energy bar, serving a combination of Japanese Peruvian items (heavily inspired by Nikkei cuisine from Peru) and a fine selection of world-class sakes, and Nikkei-inspired cocktails, etc, in an upbeat space. We are taking a light-hearted approach to finding a humble harmony of flavors while preserving the principles and precision of Japanese culinary traditions with the depth of exotic Peruvian ingredients.


FLNT was originally conceived at the start of 2020. Usually before my team and I embark on a branding project, we would usually visit restaurants that fit a similar profile to get a market understanding and do face-to-face brainstorming/interview sessions. However, due to the pandemic, we needed to rethink our approach as well as to adapt to the new working environment. We also needed to understand how to incorporate Peruvian elements into the brand. How do we create a brand that is easy to be understood and at the same time translate the nuances of Peruvian Japanese cuisine?


FLNT was built entirely over zoom. This was an entirely new experience for the team and me. We first broke down what are the distinct Japanese elements and how we bring them to life. We decided to go with the star to symbolize the spark and showed the star to be rising as a reference to Japan being known as the Land of the Rising Sun. For the branding collaterals, we stuck to using red and white.

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